Donkey Milk Shampoo

Donkey milk shampoo, donkey milk cream, goat milk shampoo, hair products with Sekiz Kozmetik CCN ∞ patent help skin and hair cleansing from chemicals and moisturizing by nourishing it from roots to tips by applying intensive care to hair and scalp thanks to natural vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts in its content prepared from ‘organic donkey milk’, and helps to provide a botox effect by ensuring hair to reach its natural structure due to keratin supplement.

Donkey Milk Shampoo Hair Cream
Donkey Milk Shampoo


Donkey milk shampoo helps hair hygiene by nourishing hard, dull and tarnished hair from roots to tips with the milk and the natural herbal extracts found in its content. It gives silky softness and shine to hair.

Donkey Milk Long Strong Hair

Milk Closest to Human Breast Milk

Donkey milk has been used all around the world as milk closest to human breast milk since antiquity; it is a product very rich in vitamins and minerals.

Donkey milk also gained value in this day and age.

Egyptian Queen Cleopatra reportedly used only donkey milk for her skin and hair in her famous milk baths.

Also the women of Roman bourgeoisie preferred donkey milk to nourish and beautify their skin and hair.

Donkey Milk Hair Care Cream


Donkey milk cream and herbal extracts applied after shampooing helps hair to be combed easier and strengthens hair strands by forming a protective layer on them.


Because you deserve it…

Our Sekiz Kozmetik CCN ∞ hair products reach consumers with presentation closest to natural as they do not contain any paraben or sulphate.

With our broad vision that we have created by believing that the unique human beings deserve the best and the most beautiful things in the world, we set our target to offer the best, the most valuable and the most beautiful products to women of the world in addition to the blessing of beauty given them by the Creator.

As the Sekiz Kozmetik CCN ∞ family, we offer you service with our ‘organic milk’ produced on our own donkey with our line of vision specialised on purity, naturalness and glow.

Goat Milk Shampoo for Women


It helps your hair being sufficiently nourished, gain shine and vividness thanks to miraculous herbal extracts in its content for damaged, tangled, fine, dry, excessively processed hair.


Paraben and Sulfate Free Shampoo

Paraben and Sulfate Free

And thus, we adopt a sensitive attitude against the chemicals containing paraben, sulphate and petroleum Paraben and sulphate: sulphate is a chemical used in shampoos for lathering purposes proven to be a carcinogen substance in scientific studies. There are numerous references on this subject.

It dries out hair when combined with salts in mixtures and permanently damages it. It thins out hair strands and spoils their structure.

Therefore, it causes hair loss, lifelessness and dulling. Parabens are the chemicals used in shampoos to extend their shelf-life.

When considered from this point of view, gradual return to natural ingredients has started in cosmetics and hair products all around the wold).

Donkey milk shampoo, donkey milk cream, goat milk shampoo and other paraben and sulphate free products do not lather excessively as they are natural, but clean hair thoroughly and ensure its hygiene.

Hair begins to gain its natural structure after 4/5 washes.